The Drop on Thai Yoga Massage

Nuat Boran, which translates from Thai roughly into "ancient form of bodywork", has been gaining traction throughout the rest of the world.

Commonly known as "Thai Massage" or " Thai Yoga Massage," massage therapists and body workers around the globe are practicing this ancient art of healing that blends medicinal influences from China, India, and Southeast Asian cultures into a luscious and thoroughly relaxing session.

Because of its ancient beginnings there is some confusion as to who exactly was the founder of this rhythmic massage technique, but it is thought that it was used and made popular by Shivago Komarpaj, who was said to have treated the Buddha himself, and other prominent figures of the time.

Now what exactly is Thai Yoga massage? And what is the difference between a Thai Yoga session and a regular massage session?

Thai Yoga massage differentiates between a regular massage session in several different ways.  First off, there is no undressing or oil used.  How can you do a massage without oil or lotion you ask?

Well, instead of getting in the buff, clients wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to stretch and move around in. You know, "yoga like" clothes. And because of the clothes, no oil or lotion.

Also the massage table you are used to seeing is gone. In its place is a thick cushioned mat that you lie on, bolstered with soft cushy pillows.

Thai Yoga massage has also been known to be called "the lazy man's yoga."  This is because through the use of their body and physics, the therapist stretches and pulls you into various yoga like poses, using their hands, elbows, knees, and feet to compress and rock the body, kneading out stress and tension in this dynamic moving session.

The best part is that you don't have to do the work! Just sit back (or forward or lay down) and relax and let the rhythmic rocking and compression lull you into complete bliss!

This massage is great for anyone and does wonders to create space and length in the muscles and joints of the body. Even if you consider yourself inflexible, Thai Yoga has the ability to release fascial tightness and work on large muscles groups creating space and blood throughout the body.

Athletes love Thai Yoga because they get to combine the benefits of massage while also receiving a full body stretch session, allowing for easy recovery and loosened joints and tissue.  Making Thai Yoga massage a part of your athletic routine ensures that you are feeling your best for your next challenge!

So give this unique and luscious experience a try and book your Thai Yoga today! We have many experienced therapists waiting with hot herbal  compresses ready to lull you way to bliss!

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