Couples Massage

Massage for Two

You will be in the same room, each with your own therapist catering to your individual needs. The Harmony Massage is offered with our Symmetry 360 Massage, Balance Massage, and some of our Specialty Massages as well! You do not have to receive identical services.

The Harmony Experience:
Harmony is when different notes are played together to create a pleasing and more complex sound than when alone.

Love blossoms when we are our authentic selves. So get the couple's massage that treats you like the unique individuals that you are! Our expert therapists focus on creating an individually tailored treatment for each of you so you can both get exactly what you need while you relax together. Honoring your individuality helps foster deeper connection and create: Harmony!

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Add on to any Service

CBD Upgrade

CBD delivered topically and transdermally can promote an increased sense of rest, relaxation, and general wellness throughout a massage and afterwards.

Hot Stone Sampler

A therapist uses the heated stones in place of their hands, allowing the smooth weight and heat of the rocks to easily and luxuriously melt tension in muscle.

Thai Upgrade

Thai massage is energy work with a physical application. This service includes passive stretching, acupressure, rhythmic compression and hot herbal compresses.

Essential Oil Add On

Customizable to the clients preferences, essential oils can be added to the massage cream to enhance relaxation and recovery.