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Monday, February 24, 2020

Infrared Sauna - Color Guide and Review

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Infrared Sauna - Color Guide and Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new infrared sauna at Symmetry’s LoHi location and I am addicted! I had done some research on the benefits of the sauna in order to write my previous blog announcing its debut, so when I was invited to try it out to write this review, I jumped at the chance. I had read so many great things from how it can help sore muscles and joints to how it can support your immune system so I was curious, to say the least. I went in when I was trying to kick the final symptoms of a cold and was experiencing some muscle tension in my lower back. I was amazed at how I felt upon emerging from my session. In just 15 short minutes, my muscle tension was gone and, in the days following, my cold cleared up completely. 
When I arrived, I was given a short tutorial on how the sauna will slowly increase heat up to 130 degrees while I’m inside as to not shock or overwhelm my system. I was also provided with a cool washcloth soaked in relaxing, therapeutic grade, essential oils to keep me cool in the sauna or to cool down with after. 
When I stepped into the sauna, I was surprised to feel just how dry it was. I am used to the typical moist saunas that you would usually encounter in a spa or fitness club and, while I knew from research that this wouldn’t be the same, I was pleasantly taken aback with how un-sauna-like it really was. I didn’t find myself overheating or sweating profusely while inside. In fact, it was very relaxing and enjoyable. My favorite feature was that you are given control of the color frequency you experience while inside via remote control. The colors available and their benefits are as follows:
Red is called “The Great Energizer.” It loosens, releases stiffness and constrictions. It is excellent for areas that have become stiffened. Red is the first visible color we see after the infrared band is passed. It promotes cellular growth, stimulating the “will” aspect, or the circulatory system. It is therefore indicated for all colds, sluggish or dormant conditions, such as pneumonia, arthritis, anemia, as a liver stimulant, an energy builder, and for increasing circulation. Red links with and stimulates the base of the spine, causing the adrenal glands to release adrenalin. This results in greater strength. Red causes hemoglobin to multiply, thus increasing energy raising body temperature conditions as it stimulates sensory nerves such as hearing, taste, smell, and activates metabolism. It is excellent for anemia or blood-related conditions.

Yellow helps awaken mental inspiration arousing a higher mentality. Thus, it is an excellent color for nervous or nerve-related conditions or ailments; fueling the solar plexus. Yellow has a very enriching effect upon the intellect. Yellow can be used for conditions of the stomach, liver, and intestines. It can help the pores of the skin by repairing scarred tissue. These rays have an alkalizing effect which strengthens the nerves. Awakening, inspiring and vitally stimulating the higher mind promoting self-control. Typical diseases treated by yellow are constipation, gas, liver troubles, diabetes, eczema, and nervous exhaustion. Providing clarity of thought, increasing awareness, stimulating interest and curiosity yellow energy is related to the ability to perceive or understand. The yellow energy connects us to our mental self.

Green is the universal healing color. Green is midway in the color spectrum; therefore, it contains both a physical nature and a spiritual nature, in equal balance and in equal harmony. Thus, green can be used for just about any condition in need of healing. When in doubt, green will always work. Help relax muscles, nerves, and thoughts. The color green cleanses and balances our energy, to give a feeling of renewal, peace, and harmony. Used primarily for balancing our whole being It is neither relaxing nor astringent in its impact. In a more practical sense, green affects blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. Having both an energizing effect, moderating, or soothing effect. Green can help heal many illnesses of this nature, specifically including heart troubles, decreasing and stabilizing blood pressure, ulcers, cancer, headaches, nervous disorders and influenza, and acts as a general tonic.

Blue, on the other hand, is at the opposite end of the visible spectrum. Blue can be used for any type of ailments associated with speech, communication, or the throat. This is a mentally relaxing color. Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system encouraging great relaxation. It is ideal for sleep problems. Blue light connects us to holistic thought and gives us wisdom and clarity enhancing communication and speech. Relaxing, soothing blue rays bring great calm and peace to the mind that is worried, excited, or in a constant nervous state. It is a very positive color, indicating loyalty and reliability, as expressed in the sentiment of being “true blue.”

Orange has a freeing action upon the mind, relieving repression. Because orange is a blend of red and yellow, it combines physical energy with mental wisdom, inducing a transformation between lower physical reaction and higher mental response. Thus, it is often referred to as “The Wisdom Ray.” Orange is warm, cheering, and non-constricting. Through orange, we are able to heal the physical body (red) and, at the same time, induce within the mind (yellow) greater understanding. Orange helps assimilate new ideas. Orange is the best emotional stimulant, helping to remove inhibitions paving independent social behavior. Bring joy to your workday and strengthen your appetite for life. Orange aids in repairing inflammation of the kidneys, gallstones, menstrual cramps, epilepsy, wet cough, and all sinus conditions.

Violet is the last color we can see before light passes on to ultra-violet. This color is an excellent remedy for neurosis, diseases of the scalp, sciatica, tumors, rheumatism, cerebral spinal meningitis, concussion, cramps, and epilepsy. Violet animates and cleans the venous blood. It is generally not used for physical conditions; however, some color experts believe that it does provide nourishment to the cells in the upper brain. Violet purifies our thoughts and feelings giving us inspiration in all undertakings. The violet energy connects us to our spiritual self-bringing guidance, wisdom and inner strength, and enhances artistic talent and creativity. Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed that you can increase the power of meditation tenfold by meditating under the gentle rays of violet, as found in church windows.

I chose orange for myself (in case you were wondering) so that I could support my immune system and get my creative juices flowing in order to write. Of course, if I could offer you a small piece of advice about this sauna, it’s hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! Make sure to drink plenty of water before going in so that you can sweat and detox. Afterward, you will need to replenish all of the fluids you lost from sweating so drink even more water.
The new shower is simply stunning and was much appreciated to clean off any sweat that the sauna drew out. Per usual, Symmetry is a hospitable host and supplies you with everything you will need in order to make the most of your experience in the sauna from shampoo and body wash to hair ties and cotton swabs. They also offer new, luxurious, microfiber towels to dry off with. I left feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. After all of the positive effects I felt after just one short session, I will definitely be utilizing this new sauna on a regular basis.

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