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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How To Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions

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How To Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions
Okay, it's the first week of January and time to start those new resolutions. Those ones that you tried last year but didn't get to finishing.... the ones that lasted for maybe a couple weeks... or days... 

Don't worry, we've all been there. We get this great idea of what we want to change and then decided that this year will be the year, you think 'I WILL get healthier!' and then two weeks later are back to binge watching Netflix and enjoying that really delicious second helping of Hot Fudge Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream. 

(Okay , now I really want a Hot Fudge Brownie, sorry for all you healthy eaters... but here is a great healthy version of the same thing, and it's SUPER delicious!)

So here are a couple of tips to help you SMASH those New Year's Resolutions. Just wait, the New You will feel great for accomplishing your goals this year!

Tip #1: Start Small. Like really small. Maybe even tiny 

I know this sounds funny, but I'm serious! It's a lot easier to change or tweak one little thing in your routine then a whole bunch of things for one goal. So instead of overhauling your whole diet, start small and maybe choose to start with a Healthy Breakfast during the week. Or even smaller, and go for just drinking one big glass of water in the morning every morning. It doesn't have to be a grandiose action and in fact you are more likely to succeed if you start with these small attainable goals. And you will feel... CONTINUE READING

Tip #2: Get Specific, and Rephrase It.
Ok so the easiest way to accomplish something is to break it down and get specific. And by that I mean you need to decide what your overall goal is, ie stick to a budget, and then break it down to smaller more manageable goals that are easier to accomplish. Such as checking your bank accounts weekly.
Then set yourself up for success by Rephrasing it! So instead of deciding to stick to a budget for the year, change it to "Every Monday I am committed to seeing how much money I have to work with for the week." It's a small goal that only takes a couple minutes to do so is accomplishable and it's specific -Monday and checking accounts, so you can hold yourself accountable. When you rephrase it, now it becomes something that helps you get excited about what you have and continue to look forward to doing. Add these smaller action steps into you phone calendar and set a friendly reminder to really boost your goal smashing!

Tip #3: Get Support. No really.
This is an often overlooked when people set goals. Finding support for setting goals is a huge part of success. Whether it is friends and family cheering you on or if you have a group on Facebook, having people to talk to and share your struggles and successes with is important. It's easy to get discouraged while trying to implement new behaviors into your life. Having people that won't judge you, can offer good advice, and encourage you to keep going will help you stay motivated. So do yourself a big favor and find a tribe of like-minded people and get to kicking your resolutions' butt!

Tip #4: Create a Supportive Space.
This can piggy back off of our last tip! Setting up your space for success. It's a lot harder to stop eating sugar when your cupboards are filled with cookies and sweets. So give yourself a head start and make your space more conducive to fulfilling your goal. Throw out (or give away) the things that will make accomplishing your goal more difficult and add the things that will make it easier. Throw out the junk food, fill up a water glass the night before and set it by your bed, put your vitamins next to your coffee, keep your weights easily accessible.  Look at your spaces at home and at work and see what you can do to help minimize the distractions and maximize your chances of success.

Tip #5: Make it personal. Because this time, it IS all about You.

When you are deciding on your goals or resolutions for the year, take a couple of minutes to really look at why you want to do these things. If you are trying to do something that you aren't personally invested in then it becomes difficult to stick to when you hit the bumps in the road. And there will be bumps. So if you want to be more fiscally responsible or get in better shape or start doing more volunteer work, then really figure out why you want to and why it is important to you. Write it down and look at it when you need the extra encouragement from yourself. Remind yourself why you are doing this and what it will be like when you accomplish it.

Tip #6: Progress. Not Perfection.
I'll be honest, this is one I struggle with. As a perfectionist at heart, it is hard for me to stick with something if I start to think that I'm not doing it "right", or I missed a day, or that I had a weekend of overindulgence.  It's easy to get caught up into trying to be perfect with your goals, but in reality it will be what slows your progress the most.  And most people tend to overestimate what they can actually accomplish so it's easy to get discouraged when you don't live up to your own expectations. The biggest thing to you can do to help yourself during these times is to remember that it's all about your progress toward your end goal. Sure, you missed 3 work outs out of 5 this week. Or did you work out twice this week and have an opportunity to up your game next week and try again? I'm going to repeat it again. PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION! And don't forget, You Got This!

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