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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Membership Madness

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Membership Madness

Massage is a healthy part of your fitness routine as well as overall health maintenance and prevention. Not only does massage help to relieve stress, it promotes blood and lymphatic flow, creates healthy muscle tissue, rids your body of lactic acids, and exfoliates and softens your skin.  

According to a recent study performed at Colorado State University’s Health Science Department, massage can also help regenerate atrophied tissue in limbs that don’t even receive therapeutic touch. Researches performed massage on healthy limbs and found that atrophied muscles in the opposite limb regenerated tissue as well. How amazing is the human body? 

Massage can also help you recover from lactic acid soreness post workout up to twice as fast as going at it on your own. Why not test how well Symmetry therapists can improve your athletic performance and recovery by visiting us regularly? 

If you are thinking you would love to receive massage more regularly, but just can’t seem to fit it into your budget, join the Symmetry 360 club and you will be able to experience the many health benefits of regular massage.

What is the Symmetry 360 club? 

It’s a simple, convenient, and affordable way to ensure you receive the treatment your body needs every month. We here at Symmetry believe in affordable, quality, self-care and we designed our new monthly membership to offer just that. 

For just $98 a month you can receive a 90 minute massage from one of our amazing Symmetry therapists. If that isn’t enough incentive for you, we threw in free add-ons! Our Symmetry 360 club allows you to add on an extra like hot stone, aroma therapy, hot Thai compress, or fire and ice to every massage for free. That adds up to a $30 savings every month! What reason do you have not to join? 

Ok, we get it, there aren’t enough savings in it for you. How about 20% off every additional service you receive that month? Yes, you read that correctly; if you want to come in for two or three massages in a month, you get 20% off of those as well!

Ok, so you already like to come in at least twice a month, well we can still help you save every month by joining the club. For $190 a month, you get two 90 minute massages plus the free add-ons mentioned before! I can’t think of a better way to save on quality body work. 

Ok, what if I want to upgrade one of my monthly massages to a Thai Yoga or an herbal steam treatment? No worries, you still get 20% off your upgrade.  

We know that monthly dues can be difficult to remember to pay, so we make it easy by auto drafting your payment. We also understand that life changes and some due dates become difficult to keep so we took care of that as well. With the Symmetry 360 club, you pick your payment date and if life changes, call us to change your payment date

We want life to be as stress free as possible when it comes to scheduling your massage so never hesitate to contact us. 

Call us today to book your next appointment and one of our excellent Client Concierges can help you join the club or Purchase Here!

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