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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Importance of Moms

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Importance of Moms

Moms. Everyone has one. And sometimes our "Mom" isn't traditional looking, ie stepmoms, aunts, grandparents, foster parents, etc.  But we all come from somewhere and as far as I know we haven't moved forward on test tube kids yet.

So what's the big deal? Well, birthing aside, mothers play a huge role in the early stages of development of children and in doing so have influence over the next generation and the continuing society.

So your Mom is the reason you do the things you do! Love the way you do! And they were the ones to make sure your booboo's were kissed and messes cleaned and hugs given at bedtime.

Yay for moms! Thanks you for what you do!

When I first started researching about how wonderful moms were and was looking for psychology journals and similar publications to give me some insight in to the importance of mothers in both a child's life and society at large, I did not find what I was looking for.

 I was amazed to find that I had to look a bit more past the first pages of Google to find anything. Don't get me wrong, there was information on those first few search pages.

But they were about the roles and importance of mothers in the family, via various religious texts around the world. I sifted through articles that pulled from Islam, Hindu, Christianity, and Judaism.

 It was something that had me pleasantly surprised at the positive tone of the information, if not a little disappointed at the lack of scientific studies with easy access to the public.

Shouldn't there be more information on the importance of mothers in the development of children? Or is that just me?

But on to the important stuff. Moms. And how freaking kick a** they are! I mean don't get me wrong, fathers are just as awesome, but right now it's time to celebrate the importance of mother's in our lives and as a whole in our society.

During childhood, the first 3 years of a child's life is when most of the major development happens, with major patterns set by the age of 5.

This is the most important time that Moms have when it comes to setting the stage for the successful adults their kids will one day be.

Strong emotional security and trust at an early age lead to children more willing to step out of their comfort zone as adults.

Children are the best mimickers you can ask for. Ask any parent and they will tell you just how quickly their kid picked up that curse word, or behavior, or look that they didn't want them too.

How we as adults speak to children, especially in times of anger or stress, lay down the patterns of behavior  for future encounters as they mature and face their own adversities.

The first 3 years, Moms act as a buffer for their children during stressful situations. When this buffer is strong and grounded, it allows children a better resilience to future stress, having had a comfort zone and strong example while still grasping things like, what are toes and gurgling sounds.

So when Mothers set the stage for trust and respect and boundaries at an early age, their children mimic these behaviors.

 Mothers have the unique ability to be the designers of our society and literally are the creators of our future!

Mothers influence their sons by setting the stage of how to interact with other genders while how they relate to each other sets the foundation for relationships later on in life.

Mothers influence their daughters via giving them an example of how to conduct themselves in relationships as well as instill what kind of habits and behaviors they will have in the future.

So, in case you missed it, Mother's are SUPER IMPORTANT as to how their children will relate to the world and to other humans when they become adults! They are a key ingredient into what our societies and communities continue to evolve into.

Don't let Mother's Day be just another Hallmark holiday and really remember that our lives and our community is shaped by our mothers and mother's mothers.

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